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What is Bordairrace

Bordairrace ...


...“Higher – further – and back again!“

This is the motto of the Paragliding-Adventure-Race “Bordairrace“!

But what is Bordairrace? Bordairrace is a combination of hiking and paragliding. The athlete has 33 hours in which he/she must cover the furthest possible distance between the starting point, the personal turning point and the finish.
The very special challenge is the actual planning of the route at this adventure race. Every athlete must take into account changing parameters like the weather for example in order to make it back to the finish within the 33 hours.
The Bordairline races are the ultimate kick for paragliders who are not only tough in the air, but as well fit by foot.
Only those athletes who have the necessary fitness, power and the readiness to surpassing one’s own limits will be able to win the race.
Any paraglider can participate who is willing to face a new fascinating challenge and who is ready to do without any technical helpers like lifts and cable cars etc.