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Rules Bordairline

Rules Bordairrace 2023

“Bordairrace“ – Rules

1. Bordairrace

Bordairline is a competition for paragliders who like the challenge of distance flying and hiking. A competition of this kind already exists in Bavaria since 2005 (see www.crossalps.com) – and with their permission we may use the idea and parts of their records – THANK YOU!

During the competition the participants decide the levels for themselves – similar to the ordinary task of distance flying. This makes this competition suitable for a broad range of athletes from hobby pilots to professional pilots.

2. Task

... is to get as far away as possible from the starting point (to the personal turning point) and back only by foot and flying. Each participant decides for him/herself about the route (according to wind, weather and mood).

Attention: It is not allowed to use any other means of transport! The equipment must always remain with the pilot – it is only about flying and hiking! You may have a supporter with you.

3. Valuation

Minimum distance:

In order to be evaluated, the turning point must be at least 15 km (air line distance) away from the starting point. Furthermore, at least 20 % of the total distance must be covered by flying! If an athlete has less than 20 % flying-distance, there will be so much substracted from the hiking distance until 20 % of the flying distance is reached (see below).

The race organisers reserve the right to cancel the 20% flight content in order to guarantee the safety of the participants. This will be announced during the last briefing at the latest and shall only by done if suitable flying conditions cannot be expected for either race day.


The race distance is the air line distance between starting point, turning point (furthest point away from the start) and final point.

At a too low flight percentage (min. 20% flight percentage) the covered distance is reduced to 5 x total flight distance (corresponds to 20 % flight + 80% hiking distance)

For the pilots who cannot make it back to the finish within the 33 hours, the remaining distance to the finish (air line distance) will be substracted from the total distance.

Punctional returning to the finish pays off with a bonus of 20%. Therefore, the athlete must decide when to turn back!

Latest possible hand-over of the GPS data at 18.30 o’clock at the finish, otherwise there will be no evaluation!

Evaluation examples:

Participant 1 flies to XY (16 km away) and hikes back to the finish (starting point) and reaches the finish before the task end, flying part >20% - (16 km+16 km-0km)+20%=38,4km

Partic. 2 has his turning point at XY (39km away) and makes it back in time, flying part >20% - (39km+39km-0km)+20%=93,6km

Partic. 3 also has his turning point at XY (39km away), but does not make it back in time (at task end the athlete is still 4 km away from the finish), flying part >20% - (39km+37km-4km) + 0%=70km

Partic. 4 also has his turning point at XY (39km away) and makes it back in time to the finish, the flying part is only 12 km and is therefore below the 20% flying part – (12kmx5)+20%=72km

Partic. 5 has his turning point at XY (51km away) and does not make it back in time (10 km away from the finish) flying part >20% - (51km+45km-10km)+0%=82km

2020, there is no string result for the overall evaluation, because of the fact that only 3 competitions are carried out !!!

Cancellation of competition:

The competition can only be cancelled by the chair of the competition and will be announced 2 days before the competition on the website www.bordairline.com.

2023 there are no drop results for the overall standing, because we only have 3 races.

4. Rating Classes

For each race there are following rating classes:

New in 2023 there will be the Masters class for the first time!! All those athletes who are 50 years or older at the start of the respective race are eligible to start there! Every participant who starts in the Masters class must state this when registering, but at the latest when registering for the respective race. The evaluation also takes place in all other possible classes, in any case in the general class and if specified and justified, also in all other classes.

Solo General, Fun Class (Paraglider up to EN-B), Ladies (needs more than 3 participants), Non-Supported and Tandem!

For an annual rating there are 2 races necessary.

If you want to take part of the Rookie-rating, you have to join Bordairrace for the first time or you have never been among the top 10 athletes during a Bordairrace (Bordairline) events before.

Each participant is allowed to take part of the Niviuk Unsupported Rating. This you have to mention during the registration / sign-in.

For this rating the athlete has to participate ALONE – so without any support (not his own, or not supported by any other supports from each athlete).

The whole equipment beside the minimum-equipment has to be carried out by himself/herself (eg sleeping bag).


The track will be documented via GPS/Livetracking that will be handed out from the Bordairline organization. However, we recommend to have a back-up GPS with altitude recording.

The participant must ensure that the GPS can record both days of the competition.

Recording gaps (>5min) are valuated as non-flying distance and must be explained plausibly. The turning point must be recorded!

Track interval: minimum one track point per minute.

e.g.: every 60 sec. = 60 points/hour x 33 hours = 1980 track points

Connection cable and driver unit for back-up devices must be brought along for the GPS analysis!

6. Safety

Only pilots who are in possession of the required licenses, the necessary equipment and insurances may participate.

Each participant must carry a working and always switched-on mobile phone. In the evening of the first day of the competition, each participant must announce his/her current position to the competition controllership between 19:00 and 20:00 o’clock.

On the second day, each participant who has not arrived at the finish until 17:00 must announce his/her position until 17:30 at the latest to the fetch-back coordinator. The telephone number of the competition controllership will be announced during the briefing. In case of need, you will be notified via SMS if the competition is cancelled.

Those who violate the flight rules for paragliding, fly before sunrise or after sunset, commit air space violations or otherwise behave un-athletically will be disqualified.

If a third party suffers from a violation, the pilot will be called to account.

7. Equipment

The equipment of the participants must conform to the legal requirements of the respective country (max. LTF 2-3 or EN D).

Each participant must always carry a minimum equipment consisting of the compulsory paragliding equipment (paraglider, harness with protector - LTF, helmet, emergency chute) GPS tool and mobile phone. (Equipment will not be checked by us). Participants are only allowed the change registered gliders in case of damage. The organizer must be informed about such a change. Failure to comply with the rules of the participant will be disqualified and banned for the whole season

8. Participation

Admitted are people from the age of 18

The number of participants is limited to 70 pilots according to the sequence of registrations (tandems count as single registration).

9. Participation fee and awards

In the participation fee of € 99,- a fetch-back in the area is included.

The registration (online) will be released on the official homepage, 30 days before the start of the race. You are deemed to be registered if the starting fee has been charged to the event account. The order of the deposit is decisive for the limited starting places.

Winning prizes

Main competition:

  • up to 40 participants Rank 1: € 120, ranking 2: € 70, -,ranking 3: € 50, -
  • more than 41 participants Rank 1: € 150, -, Rank 2: € 100, -,Rank 3: € 70, -
  • different prizes

Fun, Tandem, Ladies Competition:

  • Material prizes

The Top 3 of the all competitions (main, ladies, tandem, fun) there are nice material prizes like.

The certificate unter : https://races.bordairrace.com/

Account details:

Bank: Raiffeisenbank Weiz-Anger

IBAN: AT77 3818 70000015 0219

If the race will be cancelled, the registration fee will be returned (less costs incurred). Please send your bank details within 1 or 2 weeks without being asked to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Later requests wont be considered.

If the race will be cancelled by an athlete, the registration fee wont be returned and it cannot be taken for another race.

The starter package includes: starter package, Livetracking, fetch-back, T-Shirt

The first three receive trophies and Material prizes will be raffled among the participants

We have special prizes for:

  • bordairrace participant of the year
  • rookie of the year (2023 there is a rookie rating. All those who are participating for the first time in 2023 or never under the top 10, can participate!)
  • Niviuk participant
  • Masters

A team of judges will decide the winners, in a addition to their performance athletes will be judged on their team spirit, support for other participant and creativity

10. Fetch-back

If required, each participant can claim the fetch-back service within a radius of approx. 20 km to the finish. These participants must announce their position to the fetch-back coordinator at the latest at 17:30.

11. Protest/Jury

Protests (150 Euro) must be submitted 30 minutes after the announcement of the results at the latest. The jury decides then

12. Time table

Evening before start: approx.18:00-19:00 Registration

approx. 19:00 Briefing > obligatory!!

1st day of competition:

07:45: last briefing > obligatory!!

08:00 Start (except the organization team defines another time)

19:00-20:00 Announcing of current position of athletes

2nd day of competition:17:00 Finish of competition - Game Over

17:30 Latest announcing of position to the fetch-back coordinator

18:30 Latest submitting of GPS data, otherwise there is no valuation of the participant.

Approx. 19:00 Award ceremony and party - open end!

The award of points will be different in 2021. The award of points will be measured due to the overall standing of the best from the individual competition.

The best will get 100 points. All the other athletes will get proportionate points focused on the own Bordairrace Results.

For example: the winner has a Bordairrace-Result with 140 km. So the other points will be awarded proportionate > eg: 56km = 40 points, 70km = 50 points, 119km = 85 points and so on.

This rating is much more competitive and attractive for the athletes, because it is more focused on the real performance. Finally this award of points is more fair and gives the athletes a higher appreciation.

13. Rating system

The scoring for the over-all rating 2023 has to be done in comparison to the Bordairrace-Results from the best athlete.

The best athlete gets 100 points, all other athletes are getting points, which have to be defined through the comparison to his own result.

This means: 100 x Bordairrace result / Bordairrace result from the best athlete

For example: the winner has a result of 140 km. An athlete with 56 km gets 40 points, with 70 km gets 50 points and with 119 km gets 85 points and so on.

This rating is fairer and should make the race more attractive for everybody!

Attention: also in 2023 there are no Cancel-results.