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  • Bordairrace venues and dates 2022 announced

Bordairrace venues and dates 2022 announced

Altaussee,Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Hochfelln

2 x new and 1 x proven

The Bordairraces are among the most popular Hike & Fly competitions. For the small anniversary of the 15th year, the dates and venues for 2022 have now been fixed: 6-8 May in Altaussee / Loser (Austria), 3-5 June in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and 1-3 July Bergen / Chiemgau (Germany). The special feature is that athletes decide themselves which way they fly and walk. Find out more www.bordairrace.com.

The Bordairrace is a Hike & Fly competition in which the athletes have 33 hours to cover the greatest possible distance between the starting point and the turnpoint and to reach the finish line in time. In doing so, they may only fly with their paragliders or walk.

The unique thing about this format: unlike most Hike & Fly races, the route is not predetermined. Each athlete decides for himself in which direction he will go and where he will set his personal "turnpoint at the limit". So, if you want to do well, you not only have to be physically fit and a good cross-country pilot, you also have to be a smart tactician, weather expert and planner.

In 2022, the series will take place for the 15th time. The organisers Willi Ludwig and Tomy Hofbauer have chosen one proven venue and two new locations for this small anniversary:

  • 6-8 May Altaussee (Styria): Scenically sensationally beautiful and proven several times.
  • 3-5 June in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Bavaria): A novelty – with high cross-country flight potential.
  • 1-3 July in Bergen / Hochfelln (Bavaria): Another new venue with very high XC potential.
  • 2 - 4 September: Alternative date if one of the three races was cancelled.

Depending on the conditions, the participants fly distances of 200 kilometres and more during a race. In addition, they sometimes cover over 100 kilometres with 3000 metres of altitude gain and more on foot. Mind you: all within 33 hours!

Therefore, absolute top athletes start at this event. Several Bull X-Alps participant qualified via the Bordairraces. At the same time, the race is also interesting for newcomers: there is a fun class for pilots with wings up to EN B as well as a separate rookie category for less experienced athletes. And by the way: in which competition can recreational athletes measure themselves against the world's best in the same race?

The registration form opens four weeks before each event. But note: The Bordairraces are so popular that the limited field of participants is usually filled within 24 hours after registration opens. Further information: www.bordairrace.com

About the BORDAIRRACE Series

The Bordairrace is the oldest Hike & Fly competition in the world. It evolved from the "Crossalps" event and has been held as an event series since 2008 (at that time still as "Bordairline"). In view of the up to 100 participants per race, it is probably also the most popular event of this kind with the largest number of participants.

Since 2014, the Bordairrace series has been organised by Thomas Hofbauer and Willi Ludwig together with local partners, usually a paragliding club or flying school. The two Styrians are not professional event organisers - which in no way means that the Bordairraces are not organised in a highly professional manner - but are passionate hikers and flyers themselves. You can see that the events are characterised by a lot of enthusiasm and heart and soul. Tomy Hofbauer says: "You have to be a little crazy to organise such a series. There is so much work behind it. But at the end it highly rewarding when you see the euphoria of the participants at the finish line."

A certain amount of craziness and will to suffering is also required from the participants. Many of them have loudly proclaimed at the finish line: "I'll never do this to myself again!" A few days later they sit in front of the computer at midnight to secure a starting place for the next event…